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Let the snow fly with these snow boots, you’ll love the box as much as the shoes

Ambrosia Chocolates

Chocolate packaging based on a centuries old Greek love story

National Treasure Movie Props

A series of typographic props influenced by the typography of the 1930s

RC Kites Decoded

Everything you need to know to remote control a kite like a pro

Vinyl Hero

This interactive gallery piece played off of guitar hero to create a music mixing environment

Illustrative Storybook

Dive into the ghastly tale of the infamous pirate Blackbeard

Beyond - Spiritual Edition

This twenty page magazine talks about various culture’s beliefs about death and the afterlife

Vicious Vodka

Get wild with this fierce love story when a British punk figure and a Philadelphia groupie cross paths

Break Time Billiards

Custom fold 11x17 brochure advertising a different kind of pool hall. Complete with full branding of three logo options

Branding Maunal

This dense branding manual talks about a trade dating back to the 1300s and how it's still relevant today

Ancient Echoes

Projectors, course paper, lots of tape, infrared cameras, and Processing brought this interactive gallery piece to life.

To Death with a Smile

2017 MUMEDI International poster competiton with the subject matter being about death. I chose to represent death in a playful way and how sometimes, against all odds, we escape it.